The Exotic Look of Leopard Print Bedding

Animal print décor is all the rage, especially in bedrooms.   From adults’ master bedrooms, to teens’ private lair, to infants’ nurseries, people of all ages are having fun incorporating wild safari patterns into their rooms.   And the hottest trend right now seems to be with leopard print bedding.

Because the bedding is the main attraction in a bedroom, it is the decorating component that most sets the mood of the entire room.  Leopard print is a real eye-catcher that can create a bold, exotic feel.  Depending on the style you choose, and the other items in your room, you can create a look that is chic, or fun, or anywhere in between.


What Does Leopard Print Look Like?

Leopard Print Bedding

In general, the leopard print design is made up of two-toned dark rings or rosettes, on a lighter background.  The most common colors are those found on the animal in nature, which is anywhere from an orange brown to a creamy beige for the background color, and darker brown or black for the pattern.

Black and white leopard print bedding is also something you can find, and is reminiscent of those colors in the real snow leopard found in Asia.   Creative license has also made other colorful combinations popular in fabrics and interior design, including backgrounds of pink, purple, red, and teal.

Many people also use the term “leopard print” to describe what would really more accurately be called cheetah print.  Instead of rings of dark color, cheetah print bedding and decor has solid dark spots on the lighter background.

Although technically these two animal prints are distinguishable from one another, the difference between cheetah and leopard is often not highlighted when purchasing fashions or furnishings.  The phrases are used interchangeably in the marketing and packaging of these items, and you can find lots of fun options in either pattern.


Bedding Options

As with any bedding, you’ll be faced with a variety of options, depending on the bed size and bedding type you prefer.

  • Size – First, you’ll of course need to know the dimensions of the bed you are outfitting, whether it be king, queen, twin, or crib.
  • Type – Consider the bedding pieces you prefer – do you want a bedspread that fully hides the pillows and sheets when the bed is made?  Or do you like the popular comforter sets that usually include a comforter or duvet cover, plus a bed skirt and pillow shams?   Or perhaps you only want your sheets in this safari pattern.


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Bedroom Style

The fabric, texture, and designs will all have an impact on the overall look of the bed and the room.  So consider what feel you want to achieve.   You can find truly dramatic bedding for a strong or sophisticated look, or go for funky colors and patterns for a more fun environment.   Smooth and silky can look more elegant, while soft and fuzzy might give a warm and casual feeling.

Also consider how prominent you want the leopard or cheetah print bedding and pattern to be.   If you find a leopard print comforter that you really like, you might tone it down to a subtler look with solid colored accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, and curtains.

Leopard Print BeddingLeopard Print Bedding

Or, if you want to, you can reverse the look with solid black or brown bedding that has leopard trim, and then enhance it with leopard print curtains, a leopard print rug, and maybe even leopard print sheets.

Always remember, though, that with this bold of a pattern, it’s easy to go overboard.   Be careful not to overdo the leopard print throughout the room or you may grow tired of it fairly quickly.


Leopard Print Bedding Color Choices

You’ll find the greatest selection of leopard print bedding in the natural shades of browns and blacks.  These neutral tones give you the greatest flexibility in building on the theme with other items in the room.

But there are also other color combinations that have become quite popular.   Girls of all ages seem to love pink leopard print bedding.  This is found in different shades of pink, and can be in pink and black or pink and white.    Purple and  black, red and black, and blue and black are other creative alternatives.


Other Safari Bedding and Animal Print Accessories

Many people like to incorporate more than one animal print in their bedroom for more of an overall African safari décor.  If this is your preference, you have a number of approaches you can take.

– Choose bedding that has multiple animal prints all in one – Some designers have created comforters that have a quilt-like mix of different prints, and others have comforter sets where different pieces feature a different print.  The most common design mix for leopard or cheetah print bedding is to include some zebra stripes and/or giraffe spots.   These are fun wild patterns that can complement each other, and be mixed in with some solids or stripes to complete the look.

– Combine multiple bedding pieces of different animal prints to create your own safari mash-up –  Zebra stripe pillows can be an unexpected surprise against a leopard print comforter.

– Introduce different animal prints in other furnishings in the room – If your bed is primarily leopard, you might add a zebra print rug to change it up a bit.

There are so many different ways to decorate your bedroom with animal print décor.  So enjoy the process of using your unique creative vision to transform a bedroom into your private safari sanctuary.